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Tech Enabled Athlete Development

Take control of your development with our gamified athlete development platform!

Analytics and Stats

Track your Development

Machine Learning

Built In

Audio & Visual


Compete vs Friends

Gamified Development

Traditional Development, New Technology

HARPIA is taking traditional development techniques and merging them with new technology to create a super charged athlete development platform.


Track your stats.

Our platform allows you to track every shot you take including the ones you miss so that you will know the areas of your game you need to improve the most.


Challenge your friends.

Competing with your friends to see who can perform under pressure in best of three, five and seven game challenges. Win best of 3, 5 and 7 matchups and see who performs best when the pressure is on.

New Version

V. 2 Coming Soon

The new version of the HARPIA’s athlete development platform is in development and coming in March 2023!

  • Athlete Profile
  • Machine Learning
  • Training Patterns
  • Visual Prompts
  • Audio Prompts
  • Statistics Tracking
  • Social Compeition

Cognitive Development


Track every shot you take and get actionable feedback on the areas of your game that you need to improve and develop.



Compete against yourself, your past scores and your friends to drive your development and make you the best player you can be.


Goal Tracking

Set goals and then beat them. You need to know where you are to plan where you want to go. Our goal setting platform allows you to take control of your development.

Sports Development Made Affordable

Our subscription plans unlock powerful athlete development on top of the awesome experience you’ve come to love.


$ 4.99 (mo)

You’ll Get

  • All Patterns
  • Audio Prompts
  • Machine Learning
  • Visual Prompts
  • Goal Tracking & Setting
  • Historical Data
  • Social Competition

Summer Development Camp


You’ll Get

  • 5 on ice development sessions
  • 1 year HARPIA app subscription ($60 dollar value)
  • SportTesting
  • Facilitated by the former Manager of Player Development for the Western Hockey League
  • Skill Development
  • Individual goal planning session

Built By a Team With Experience.

Our Founding Team has worked with multiple Amateur and Professional Sports Organizations as well as some of the most successful Tech Startups.

Our Customer Stories

Here’s what our early adopters are saying.

“When I’m in the garage I don’t aim, I’d shoot but I wouldn’t really pick a spot. With HARPIA, it tells you where to shoot and it’s challenging. I’ll definitely be in the garage more now!”


U13 AA Player

“I like how it shows you where to shoot. Most of the time I am just with my dad and he tells me where to shoot and he keeps track but sometimes he forgets.”


U15 Player

“It’s fun to train on because it’s interactive and you have to react to where it wants you to shoot. It’s cool to get the feedback after your done to see how you did.”


U14 AAA Player

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